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Double 'Y' Outfitters Recent Testimonials

Below are a few testimonials from a few of our recent clients:

Denny C. - Missouri

They're all really good guys. Try to help you anyway they can. Work their butts off trying to get your animal, will scout, drive, hike, whatever it takes. Very knowledgeable about the area. They scout it out before the season to know where the animals are. Super good people. Bear hunting once, then elk hunting once (got the 6X7 elk 1st day) with his two boys, who each got a buck. He wouldn't trade Double Y Outfitters for anyone. Note: He'll be back for a bull again this year, making his 3rd trip, with one of his sons.

This is about the 6X7:

"Jason and I went up with another guide and 2 other hunters, they spotted some elk in a draw and went after them, while we went on up, saw a bull, and started stalking. For about 15 minutes he was bugling his head off, finally he left. We got back on the horses and went up farther on the horses, sat a half hour, 15-20 elk came over the hill, some little bulls and cows. They went by, then the bull came out below them, and Jason said, if I was you I'd take him. I fired a shot and knocked him down. We went down there, and about 25 elk came running at us from over the hill, we froze while they went by. Then we went on down and found my bull. Later we ranged it, it was around a 490-500 yards."
Here is a picture of the bull, with his two sons and their bucks:

Gary M. - Texas

When we decided to hunt hulk we wanted adventure, not a fancy lodge. We got that with horseback riding and backcountry camping. To top it all off 2 of 3 of us shot elk. The guides are tireless and the food delicious.

This is about Gary's 6X6
and his brothers 5x6:

"We were with the other hunters. At daylight we heard elk and separated. We started towards the bugling, there was a cliff with elk at the bottom, then we looked across the valley and saw around 100 elk, with one bull. I shot the bull, at about 200 yards. I waited with the elk for a couple hours while my guide went and got the horses. These were the first elk I'd ever seen, and I shot the first bull I ever saw. I'd like to hunt antelope next."
Here are pictures of the Bull Elk's that were harvested:

Joe M. - Conneticut

"Double Y, on a scale of 1-10 is a 10. We do a lot of hunting, including Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Alan has the best thing going. The guides are terrific. About the 2nd day they took us up to a huge basin full of elk, and we harvested 3 out of that group. My buddy got a 5X5. We saw a lot of elk, everyday. One of the fellows got his on the last day right by the camp. I've been doing this 25 years, and I still get excited. Having the right outfitter is very important. The food and accommodations were good. Alan is top shelf. His son Chris and son-in-law Ely were great guides. It's convenient when they pick you up from the airport, take the meat to the butcher and pick it up. He always says if there's anything else you need just let him know. I've hunted there 2002, 2008 and coming back this year for a bull."

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