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Wyoming Hunting FAQ's

General FAQ's about the hunts and general information from Eli Hale of Double Y Outfitters.
What should I expect on a Hunt?
Everything we do is on horseback. Excellent horses, that Eli's little girls ride. We'll ride anywhere from 5 to 20 miles a day. We have a base camp that most of our hunts are based out of. We also have a spike camp that we hunt out of depending where we're seeing the game. Our spike camp is 10 miles into the high country. It's important to know that we stay in wall tents. As far as travel goes, you can fly into Jackson Hole and we will pick you up, or you can drive to the camp.
It's best if you can be in your best shape. We do quite a bit of hiking at elevations up to 10,000 feet.
Most of our shots are between anywhere from 50 to 400 yards. We try to get within 200 yards, but sometimes it's beyond that. We try not to shoot further than 400 yards.
What should I bring?
Rain gear is always good. Depending on how much you've hunted, you'll know what . A good pair of hunting boots, and also good hiking boots - cold and warm weather both. The weather can change in a minute. You could be hunting in snow, rain or it could be hot.
A lot of people ask what calibers to use. Whatever caliber you're comfortable with is okay, .243 or above. My preference is a good 30 caliber rifle. 30-06, 300 Win Mag, anything in that category. We pack your rifle in a scabbard on the horse, so it's possible there could be bumps and scrapes. I want people to understand that this is a hunting camp, not a killing camp. We do have to hunt for the animals, and sometimes its tough. We do a lot of spot and stalk, a lot of driving. Sometime posting in one spot for the day.
We have approximately 20 square miles that we mainly cover. We also hunt several different areas around the western part of the state depending on which type of game you're hunting. The land that we hunt is public land, not private. The terrain that we'll cover will be anywhere from steep and rocky to rolling grassy hills.
My grandpa started this camp 63 years ago. He went through 2 other outfitters, and then we were able to purchase it back. We're second and third generation outfitters. All of our guides are highly qualified.
Antelope Hunting
All of our antelope hunts are town based. We'll either hunt out of Afton, Cokeville, Kemmerer or Pinedale. We primarily hunt out of 98, 93, 94 and 89. We're 100% on antelope. It's very hard to draw an antelope tag, so you need to make sure you get in for your preference points early. People draw with anywhere from no to 4 preference points. It's important to put in for the special draw if you really want one. Our antelope hunts will be on ATV's. We usually spot from the roads and then stalk from there.
Bear Hunts
For bear hunts, we do individual bear hunts. You can buy over the counter. We see several bears each season, and you may see one while your out on a deer or elk hunt. We aslo do our spring bear hunts. We bait the bears in the Spring, as they're coming out in the spring. We hunt off of the baits. We hunt black bears, in between 5-7 feet. Try to kill mostly big boars. We're 100% on Spring bears. Several spring bears every year. For Fall hunts, wait til you get here before you buy a tag to make sure the quota's not filled.
Montain Lion Hunts
We do our winter mountain lion hunts. Those start in mid-December through usually March. Those are town based hunts. We ride snowmobiles and use dogs to track the mountain lions. Our hunts are dependent on the weather. We have to be able to find the tracks to chase the lions. We'll tree as many lions as we can find tracks. There's plenty of mountain lions to kill in the area. Mountain lion tags are over the counter. It's on a quota, for example 15 lions. As soon as they kill 15 lions the quota is over, but as many males are okay. Because our mountain lion hunts are based on weather, it's best to be able to be on call. Another way is to come snowmobiling and if we have some weather get a tag.
Mountain Goat Hunts
We have one of the exclusive mountain goat hunting areas in the state, even in the country. Mountain goats are plentiful in this area. 100% on goats. It is once-ina lifetime tag, if you can draw one. There's only two areas in the state for goats. Our area #2 that we harvest range from 7-10 years old. We try to take 9.1/2 to 10 1/2 inch goats. I run a 5 day goat hunt. Our mtn goat hunts are fairly have to walk quite a bit. Mtn goats spend their time in the high cliff areas. They can be a fairly grueling hunt as far as hiking and walking.
Big Horn Sheep Hunts
We do run big horn sheep hunts as well. Depending on what area you put in for, we do guide hunts. These are some of the toughest hunts there are. The sheep are there. I can take you part way on horse back, the rest of the way is climbing.
Elk Hunts
As far as elk, we have a lot of elk. Our base camp sits right on the national elk refuge where the elk winter every winter. The Game and Fish feed about 1,000 elk on the local feed ground, which go up on the mountains behind for hunting. Throughout the winter we're able to see the animals that we have coming up for the next year and the ones we missed this year. We really enjoy the archery season for elk during the rut. We also are able to hunt with rifles during the latter part of the rut, different than other parts of the state.
Moose Hunts
Moose. Our moose hunts are, we have a great moose herd in the dog creek area. Our moose hunts have been 100%. The moose are here.
Plains Buffalo Hunts
We do run plains buffalo hunts based out of Jackson Hole. Just north of Jackson on the Teton National Forest. They issue a number and when they call you, you have to come.
Mule Deer Hunts
Our trophy mule deer hunts. We spend our time searching for trophy mule deer. It's a pretty tough hunt if you want a trophy.
What's the chance of getting a trophy bull?
We have a lot of elk. Super trophies are hide to find but the area produces excellent trophy elk. We are known for our elk population. Depending on how well you shoot and walk. I can pretty well guarantee that we'll see the game, shooting depends on the hunter.

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